Can a doctor be convicted of murder for overprescribing pills?

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The answer is yes, and this just recently happened in Los Angeles, California. This was the first doctor to ever be convicted of murder in US history for over prescribing prescription medication.

Hsui Tseng was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years to life for over prescribing pills (Oxycodone and more) to addicts that resulted in 3 deaths. Each individual was a young man who it seemed came across an addiction to these pills that started out as regular use from some sort of injury. Ms. Tseng catered to young individuals who would travel long distances for these pills and would prescribe them to them without any medical examinations done or need for the pills. To most people, this seems like something that is out of the ordinary but it should be known that this type of behavior is starting to happen more and more often in the US. Sometimes these doctors can make millions of dollars a year, mostly in cash, selling these prescriptions to patients. They do not practice medicine anymore while doing this; they just have an office only to write out pain medication prescription. Tseng, made 5 million dollars in the three years she was doing this. That 5 million dollars came at the cost of the lives for three young individuals.

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