Firm Profile


Law, Realty, Accounting and Management Team


To deliver outstanding accounting and management information solutions using today’s technology, doing work as our expression of GOOD service, bringing on progress and social change in organizations.

Firm at a Glance

Law, Realty, Accounting and Management Firm is a community of good men and women who share standard aspirations and values, who go after unorthodox ambitions and goals, and who stick to a common set of work values and professional strict ethics.

Who We Are

The Good Man’s firm is among the more trustworthy companies in in your local law, realty, accounting and management industry. As a program of the collaboration of skilled lawyers, realtor and accountants, the services provided by The Good Man’s firm. We offer no less than one of the more dependable law, realty, accounting and management services in the country.



What We Do

Tax and Statutory Services

    – Tax preparation & planning

Business Services

    – Accounting for small to medium
    – New business activation
    – Succession business planning

Audit and Assurance Services

    – Financial audit
    – Internal audit